2022 in review: The WeGo highlights at a glance

WeGo 2022 terugblik

In December, we like to look back at the past year and reflect on all that we have experienced and achieved. A lot has happened again in 2022. Among other things, we introduced new platform functionalities, welcomed new colleagues and acquired many cool new customers. Would you like to know more about this? In this review, we list the most important events for you.

Further national and international growth

In the Netherlands, WeGo is already the largest provider of carsharing technology, but that does not mean we are done growing here. In 2022, we were once again able to connect many great new customers to our platform, some of them in collaboration with partners. These include several high-profile companies, organisations and municipalities. To name a few: Vattenfall, Bergman Clinics, Boehringer Ingelheim, Environment Agency North Sea Canal area, GGD Hart voor Brabant, Housing corporation Talis, care organisation Careyn, employment agency E&A, OptaData and Delaware. Here you can see more customers that WeGo acquired in 2022.

In addition, several shared mobility operators also chose our white label solution. These companies use WeGo’s white label booking platform to facilitate corporate carsharing for their business customers or community carsharing for residents. In October, for instance, Groningen and Drenthe launched a pilot with electric shared cars at 13 locations in the region. The aim: to make rural areas more sustainable and accessible. For this pilot by Century Autogroep, Groningen-Assen Region and Province of Drenthe, WeGo is providing the booking platform and app that enable efficient vehicle sharing.

By the way, it’s not just cars that have accounted for our growth this year. We are also connecting more and more (pool) bikes to our platform. Like at Careyn, where 150 bikes with WeGo technology are in use. We notice that more and more employers see the advantages of the pool bike.

Germany and other countries

In Germany, too, WeGo managed to grow this year and acquire exciting new customers. One highlight was winning the tender from a large leasing company last summer. Because we presented the best solution and terms, WeGo now serves all of the company’s carsharing customers. Thanks to this achievement, we have gained a group of new users in Germany we are very pleased with. This also significantly increased our brand awareness in the German market.

We also actively take action to increase our brand awareness in Germany. For instance by participating in important trade fairs, such as „Flotte! Der Branchentreff 2022“ and bfp FORUM, gaining exposure in relevant trade magazines and using LinkedIn to increase our online visibility.

In other countries where WeGo operates, such as Belgium and Switzerland, we are also steadily increasing our market share. In Belgium, WeGo is now an established name and in Switzerland we have further expanded our cooperation with technology company drivemycar AG.

Platform updates and new functionalities

Throughout the year, our development team is busy further developing and optimising our platform. In 2022, this has resulted in several new platform features and functionalities.

Among other things, we expanded the APIs available to our customers, with the development of the Vehicle Availability API. We also introduced the possibility of using an RFID card or tag alongside the WeGo app. This allows drivers to open and close the vehicle during a reservation not only via the app, but also, for example, with their employee ID card or tag.

Another new functionality we have developed is login via Single Sign-On (SSO). This allows employers to let their employees log in with their company account. We have also created the ability to automatically synchronise drivers in the platform with the company’s personnel database. In large companies and organisations, these functionalities are highly desirable from a security perspective.

Finally, we introduced a ‘vehicle tracking only’ solution. This only automates trip registration for the tax authorities and does not offer carsharing functionalities. But these tracking vehicles can be managed together with the motorpool (cars, trucks, bikes, etc. with carsharing functionaly) in the same environment in the WeGo platform. This means WeGo now offers a single digital solution for managing the entire company fleet.

New staff and new office building

In 2022, there were a number of devepments inside WeGo too. For instance, we had to look for new employees to strengthen our teams in the Netherlands and Germany. This became necessary because more and more fleet owners know how to find us and we are growing rapidly as a result. Fortunately, we have found suitable and pleasant new colleagues for both offices, who are working for our company since November. With pleasure!

We also moved offices in Germany. The old space became too small, so our team in Germany moved into a larger office last November. You can read more about that here.

What else happened

ISO 27001 certification renewal

Since 2020, WeGo is ISO 27001 certified. As part of the certification we are subject to an annual external audit. The auditor checks whether we still meet all ISO certification requirements. This year, we passed the audit once again without any problems. This means we have renewed our certification and continue to meet the strict international standard in the field of information security.

WeGo realises first BYD shared cars in Europe

In the last quarter of this year, Chinese car manufacturer BYD, the world’s largest manufacturer of electric passenger vehicles, started expanding its sales in Europe. For the ‘Auto van de Straat’ (‘The Street’s Car’) project, our partner MobiGo was responsible for supplying the shared cars and purchased BYD ATTO 3s. These were among the first cars of this model in Europe. WeGo provided the carsharing technology for this project and so it happened that we were the first in Europe to make BYDs suitable for carsharing. We’re quite proud of that!

Redesigned WeGo website and newsletter

We also made strides in marketing this year. Among other things, we gave our website a thorough update with a new design and new content. We also expanded the English part of the website to serve the international market even better and developed a “Working at WeGo” page. Feel free to take a look, as we have several job openings!

Furthermore, we launched a German newsletter this spring and gave the Dutch newsletter a refresh. Would you like to be easily kept up to date with WeGo news and developments in the market? Then sign up! Then you will receive our newsletter in your inbox at most once a month.

Our plans for 2023

We also have great plans and developments in store for next year. Curious about which ones? Then keep an eye on our website, follow us on Linkedin or subscribe to our newsletter!

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