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WeGo Carsharing | The Best Carsharing & Bikesharing Solutions

Partner in carsharing solutions Hardware and software to
enable the sharing of vehicles
between multiple drivers
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WeGo Carsharing:
The best hardware and software for carsharing

Fewer cars, greater mobility

WeGo enables efficient and sustainable mobility through innovative carsharing. Our carsharing solutions make your vehicles accessible for your users through the app and provide insight into vehicle use.

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Achieving sustainable mobility

For whom?

WeGo is making a material contribution to the shift from vehicle ownership to vehicle use. We aim to increase the sharing of vehicles between multiple drivers.

We support the automotive sector to respond to this shift, focusing on the end users in various sectors.

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The best carsharing solution

WeGo does not provide cars. What we provide is a sharing platform to make your cars shareable.

WeGo has developed a sharing platform and a mobile app that perfectly match the needs of the users, as well as hardware to connect the vehicle to the platform. The sharing platform and the app can be customised to suit the corporate identity of a company as well as the corporate identity of its customers.

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WeGo carsharing for government bodies and municipalities



WeGo carsharing for groups of residents


  • Gemeente Amsterdam log
    With the WeGo platform it's possible to book a vehicle for just the duration it is needed. Employees of the muncipality used to keep a vehicle all day long while they only needed it for an hour." There is a business unit that used to have 22 cars until last year, at the moment they use 7.
    Theo Wassenaar
    Gemeente Amsterdam