Century starts project with shared cars in Groningen and Drenthe

Kick-off Carsharing pilot Century, Groningen, Drenthe

Century Autogroep, Groningen-Assen Region and Province of Drenthe have joined forces and started carsharing at 13 locations in Dutch provinces Groningen and Drenthe. On 27 October, the first mobility hub P+R Gieten was festively opened. WeGo provides the booking platform and app that enable efficient vehicle sharing.

Sustainable and accessible region

Groningen and Drenthe have launched the car-sharing project to make rural areas more sustainable and accessible. This is necessary because distances to facilities in villages and towns in the provinces of Drenthe and Groningen are relatively long. In addition, not all residents have their own car, there is less and less public transport available and cycling is not always a suitable alternative. Electric shared cars offer a solution to these challenges and this flexible mobility therefore plays an important role in keeping villages in the region accessible.

At the same time, the shared cars offer an attractive travel option for tourists visiting the region.

Century Shared Mobility app

Century aims to be a provider of smart and sustainable forms of transport, including shared mobility. The company wants to grow in this field by gaining experience with the latest innovations.

Century manages the project, supplies the shared cars and the app “Century Deelmobiliteit”. With this app, residents and visitors can easily book, open and close a shared car. WeGo supplies the complete vehicle reservation system for this project.

Century Deelmobiliteit-app

Success of carsharing project will be monitored

Initially, an electric shared car will be placed at 13 locations. Think mobility hubs along the A28 and N34, such as P+R Haren, Annen and Borger and in village centres like Grolloo, Zuidlaren and Eelde. Here you can view a map of all locations.

The project is being monitored by the University of Groningen. Results are evaluated by the parties involved to determine success and longer-term possibilities of carsharing in the region.

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