WeGo equips Mars rover with state-of-the-art carsharing technology


In the years around 2040, NASA is planning its first manned mission to Mars. But before launching into space, the question arises: how can explorers on the red planet be mobile without straining the planet’s already limited resources?

Car sharing technology for Mars rovers

The solution comes from WeGo Carsharing Solutions, the world’s leading provider of carsharing technology. NASA has decided to equip the Mars rover with the WeGo platform so that it can be reserved and shared by different research teams around the world.

“It is a source of pride for us to have been selected by NASA as their technology partner for the deployment of advanced systems integration technologies,” says Peter de Jong, CEO at WeGo. “We are very excited about this unique opportunity to work with NASA under a Space Act Agreement.”

CO₂ savings – also on Mars

By using car-sharing technology on Mars, research teams can save the cost and carbon footprint of launching their own Mars rover while benefiting from hourly and kilometre rates charged by NASA.

Booking of the Rover possible from anywhere

Booking the Mars rover via the WeGo platform is simple and convenient: research teams can use the WeGo app to reserve and control the Mars rover from anywhere in the world for research trips of all kinds – and, of course, on site. NASA ensures that the Mars rover is always fully charged and ready to go when a team reserves it.

Environmental protection in the foreground

By introducing car-sharing technology to Mars, NASA can not only facilitate research, but also protect the planet by ensuring that only a few vehicles are on the road for research purposes on the planet’s limited resources.

Who would have thought that mobility sharing could even reach Mars? With WeGo, it will be possible to share the Mars rover for future research missions, making exploration of the red planet more sustainable.

Do you have any questions about our NASA project? Feel free to contact us!

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