WeGo introduces easy yet secure access via Single Sign-On

WeGo führt schnelle und sichere Anmeldung über Single Sign-On ein

Companies and organizations are increasingly using IT applications offered from a cloud environment. To support all kinds of business activities and also for employees to reserve pool vehicles (cars, bikes and scooters) via the WeGo app or back office.

One major disadvantage of working with many different applications is that the user has to log in to all those services with a separate account. Single Sign-On (SSO) solves that problem. With SSO, employees only need to log in once, with their company account, to access all linked applications.

Logging in via SSO is now possible with WeGo – the booking platform for the digital management and sharing of pool vehicles within a company or organization – and market leader in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Improved data security with Single Sign On

For organizations, applying SSO has a lot of added value for the IT environment. Especially in terms of efficiency and data security. For example, when using the WeGo platform, SSO offers the following benefits:

  • No separate login for the WeGo app and back office, but login with your company account via SSO
  • This prevents employees from using insecure ways to remember passwords. For example, writing them down somewhere or keeping track of them on an Excel sheet
  • Fewer forgotten passwords need to be reset, saving the user (and often the IT department) time
  • Moreover, fewer passwords in use also means fewer passwords that can fall into the wrong hands
  • After blocking or deleting an account in the SSO environment, the user can also no longer log into the WeGo app or back office. This prevents misuse
  • The WeGo system becomes part of the corporate environment through SSO (account management and account login)

WeGo app & backoffice now with SSO

Even easier access to pool cars

Among other things, the WeGo platform allows multiple people to easily access a vehicle. Fully digital, via an app on their smartphone or tablet. In the app, the user can see whether a vehicle is available and reserve one directly. The app also acts as a key, so the vehicle can be opened and closed with the phone or tablet. So the use of physical keys is no longer necessary.

In addition, the system takes a lot of administration out of your hands (e.g. trip registration for the tax authorities), makes vehicle use transparent and fleet management a lot easier. Because of these advantages, many companies and organisations use our solution for their pool cars. And with the SSO functionality, this is even more attractive. Because: even more ease of use, more secure and a reservation platform that is integrated into your own business environment via SSO.

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