This page features some of the latest users of the WeGo platform.


3 10 '22

We are proud to welcome the newest user of WeGo's booking platform for the shared-use of corporate pool vehicles: the Dutch tech company Applied Micro Electronics (AME) The about 80 AME employees can now choose to use one of the 100% electric ŠKODA ENYAQ’s for their business trips. With WeGo’s app-based vehicle reservation system, they can easily book a company car for appointments within the Netherlands and abroad. Via the app on their smartphone, AME employees can book a pool vehicle, start and end a booking, (un)lock the vehicle, register a damage and report maintenance. Also, the keys have been digitized and every single trip is logged automatically. All this without the need for intervention or issuance by the administrator. AME is an independent developer and manufacturer of electronic products located in the top technological region of the world: Brainport Eindhoven. Passion for technology is something AME and WeGo share!


9 9 '22

Welcome Vattenfall, as a new user of the WeGo booking platform for pool cars! At several Vattenfall sites, employees can grab a pool car for their business trips. Thanks to WeGo Carsharing Solutions' technology, those pool cars are easy to book, open and close via an app. In addition, the employee does not have to keep track of the rides himself: all administration is processed automatically. Staff can therefore use the vehicles independently and efficiently, without the intervention of an administrator. Booking a vehicle and also issuing car keys is fully digitised. At the same time, the platform provides useful reports and insights to make optimal use of the fleet. Vattenfall, one of the largest energy companies in Europe with nearly 20,000 employees, has big ambitions when it comes to sustainability. Business sharing of electric pool cars by employees, as a sustainable mobility solution, fits perfectly with this.

Lexus Den Haag (Louwman Dealer Group)

19 8 '22

Lexus dealer The Hague (Louwman) has equipped its replacement vehicle fleet with WeGo Carsharing Solutions' new vehicle tracking system. From now on, data such as location, mileage, fuel content and trip data are tracked and processed fully automatically. Employees can consult these easily and in real time in one clear dashboard. Physically going to the car to handle the administration is no longer necessary. This saves a lot of time and makes management much easier and more efficient. Because the vehicle tracking solution is integrated into the WeGo sharing platform, Lexus The Hague now also directly has a platform that is ready for car sharing. This makes it possible to manage an organisation's entire fleet, including track-and-trace and all pool cars, in a single platform. Well organised and convenient!

Boehringer Ingelheim

4 7 '22

We warmly welcome Boehringer Ingelheim as the next user of the WeGo platform for corporate carsharing! From now on, Boehringer Ingelheim employees can use electric pool cars for business appointments. A pool car is easy to reserve, open and close with the smartphone. The technology also records all trips automatically. Boehringer Ingelheim is an international biopharmaceutical company. Due to the need for flexible mobility, Boehringer Ingelheim selected WeGo's carsharing platform to fulfil this need in a smart way. Corporate shared mobility fits perfectly with Boehringer Ingelheim's innovative and sustainable character. The electric pool cars are better for the environment and are used efficiently thanks to our booking platform.

Omgevingsdienst Noordzeekanaalgebied

2 6 '22

Since this week, Omgevingsdienst Noordzeekanaalgebied (OD NZKG) has 18 pool cars with WeGo sharing technology. OD NZKG is the Dutch Environment Agency for the North Sea Canal Area. Inspectors can now reserve a pool car themselves and no longer have to pick up and return car keys. In addition, the trips made are automatically registered. Yesterday, the brand-new cars were festively received, after which employees were able to view and try out the vehicles. WeGo was present to explain the sharing technology and answer questions.

Het Oude Land service appartementen

18 5 '22

A gym, a boules court, a library, a billiard room and since this week... their own electric shared car! The residents of Het Oude Land apartment complex in 's-Gravenzande (also known as 'de Berkenflat') don't have to be bored at home. But if they want to get out, they can now do so easily and comfortably with this brand-new Renault Zoe. The shared car is a godsend for seniors who are less agile. And for those who do not drive much and do not need their own car (anymore), but still want to go into the village or to a destination further away every now and then. Great initiative, which we hope the residents will enjoy a lot!

Bergman Clinics

8 4 '22

Welcome Bergman Clinics! From now on, Bergman Clinics' pool cars are also connected to the WeGo platform. Employees can use the app to easily book a vehicle for an off-site appointment. In the platform, vehicles and users are managed. This results in real-time insight into usage and optimal availability of the fleet.