Optimal availability of the rental fleet and better rental service.

Digitalisation helps car rental companies to improve the rental process. This means that customers can book a vehicle via an app and have access to a rental car or replacement transport. This way, car rental companies ensure optimal fleet availability.

24/7 booking via an app

Automated pick-up and drop-off process

Automatic invoicing

Book a car easily and conveniently via the app

Digitalisation helps car rental companies improve the rental process. This means that customers can reserve a vehicle via an app and have access to a rental car or replacement vehicle. In this way, car rental companies ensure optimal availability of the fleet.

“Unmanned rental” for a positive customer experience

Digitalisation speeds up and streamlines the rental process. This contributes to a positive customer experience. Unmanned rental means that a car rental employee no longer has to manually update documents, check driving licences and issue keys. The customer picks up the car or the rental company delivers it to them without being tied to the rental company’s opening hours.

Digital rental
Digital rental

The black box automatically records all driving data

The rental company manages the vehicles to be rented or replaced in the back office. New customers can register via the app or be added by the manager in the back office. A black box in the car automatically records the driving data. Damage and maintenance work can be easily reported via the app. The vehicle and user data are processed in the back office and linked to the existing rental software if required.

Digital rental makes it easier to reserve, rent and return vehicles. In addition, vehicles are available for rent or replacement more frequently and more quickly. In this way, car rental companies have control over their fleet and can make the best use of it. And customers experience great service.

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Beheertool voor de beheerder

Admin tool

The WeGo Back Office gives you an overview and control of all vehicles and users. This environment houses all relevant data and interfaces to link your internal business processes.

App voor de medewerker

User app

With the WeGo app, users reserve their vehicles. The app generates digital keys, documents damage and reports upcoming maintenance work.

DriversDesk voor volledige ontzorging


We offer administrators maximum support during the introduction of the WeGo platform and are always available to answer any questions that may arise. In addition, we are happy to offer support to users on the road and at any time of day.

What makes our platform so versatile

Vehicle and make-independent

We don’t provide cars or bikes, but connect vehicles to our platform – regardless of make or model. From individual vehicles to large fleets and both new and existing vehicles – you manage all vehicles in one clearly laid out platform.

Available in your own corporate identity

The platform can be customised with elements of your corporate identity, such as logo, colours and company language. This also applies to the layout of the management tool and the app, but also to the layout and content of the emails sent from the platform.

Ready to connect to your enterprise-systems

Via API links, the WeGo platform can be integrated with your ERP systems such as HR, finance, planning and authentication software. Connections to payment providers can also be realised.

Multilingual and internationally scalable

Our platform is used in several countries and is therefore ideally suited for international use. The app as well as the back office and system notifications are currently available in Dutch, English, German, French, and Polish.

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