Sustainable housing projects and modern mobility concepts

Sustainable housing projects and modern mobility concepts

Sustainability plays an increasingly important role in the planning of new residential areas or new construction projects.

Besides climate-neutral construction, low-emission energy supply or the creation of insect meadows on neighbourhood greenery and/or roofs, increasing attention is also being paid to modern mobility concepts in residential areas.

Mobility hubs

Mobility hubs for all kinds of vehicles are increasingly being integrated into residential areas. Charging stations for electric cars, places for shared vehicles, pick-up points for rental bikes and much more can be offered at such mobility hubs. In this way, space is better utilised and no longer occupied by private cars that are mainly idle.

Mobility hubs thus fulfil multiple functions. They are hubs where residents of a residential area can go for all kinds of mobility services. At the same time, they also ultimately create more space, or living space, for residents.

More living space

By including a mobility concept in new construction and redevelopment plans including, for example, car and bike sharing options, not only can parking standards be elegantly influenced, but more living space can also be factored in at the planning stage. Living space that is urgently needed in most cities.

However, more living space means more traffic – caused by both moving and stationary private vehicles. A sustainable and varied mobility offer can precisely overcome this by offering alternatives to the private car.

Share initiatives

In the Netherlands, most residents are now familiar with the concept of private car sharing – both in existing and newly developed residential areas. In many cities and villages, there are initiatives where residents have access to shared cars and/or bikes.

With our platform, we have been supporting such initiatives for years. Share transport operators, project developers, housing corporations and street initiatives know where to find WeGo when they want to facilitate sustainable shared mobility for a group of residents.

Our team is happy to advise you – request a no-obligation demo of our mobility solution for all types of vehicles and let our experts explain how WeGo can help you plan your housing project.

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