The company bike is hot: 10 benefits of corporate bikesharing

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Employees’ mobility needs have changed. Compared to precorona, they work more from home and spend fewer days in the office. The fixed travel allowance is a thing of the past. And at more and more (large) companies, the leased car is under discussion due to the sharply increasing costs. On the other hand, companies are increasingly concerned with sustainability, customised mobility per employee and the mental and physical health of staff.

Because of these developments, many companies are introducing a more flexible and sustainable mobility model. One in which the employee himself chooses the most suitable mode of transport per day based on his work, appointments and personal preferences. For example, a (shared) car, public transport or the means of transport in which we see a strong growing interest: the company’s (electric) shared bicycle.

But what makes the (electric) pool bike so attractive?

Motorpool increasingly supplemented by pool bikes

As a technology partner that makes vehicles suitable for sharing, we see the number of corporate pool cars – used by employees within a company among themselves (corporate carsharing) – increasing. But we also see the use of corporate pool bikes on the rise. More and more employers are providing their staff with electric or non-electric company bicycles for shared use (corporate bikesharing). As an alternative to, or in addition to, other mobility, such as pool cars at many organisations.

These pool bicycles are used in the same way as pool cars. The employer places bicycles at one or more locations that employees, or only certain groups, may use for their business appointments away from home. And possibly for commuting. Or simply, to run an errand during the break. The agreements on use are made by the organisation with its employees.

The benefits of pool bikes and corporate bikesharing

Of course, the bicycle is not the best choice in every situation, and in many cases not an option at all. For example, if the destination is further away or during very bad weather. At the same time, using bikes as business mobility can bring many benefits to both the employer, and the employee. Wondering which ones? We list 10 for you!

1Extra travel option for staff

Some prefer to always take the car. Others prefer to have several options, so they can choose the mode of transport most suitable for that trip and themselves. Employers can also offer this freedom to their staff, by expanding staff mobility options to include, for example, pool bikes and possibly other forms of transport. Both current and potential new employees will appreciate this.

2Environmentally friendly transport option

Many companies and organisations want to take steps towards sustainability. The (electric) pool bike can play an excellent role in this. Employers can encourage their staff to leave the car at home more often and use a pool bike. This is not only good for the environment and climate, but also shows that the organisation is working on sustainability.

3Increases vitality

Cycling is healthy. By encouraging employees to take the bike instead of the car more often, employers contribute to the mental and physical vitality of their staff. And that, in turn, has a positive effect on productivity and absenteeism.

4Inexpensive mobility

Cycling is a cheap form of mobility. This certainly applies to non-electric bikes, but e-bikes also cost a lot less than cars. Both in purchase, and in use. By using pool bikes, organisations create (extra) mobility for their staff, for a small investment.

5Easy management and use

Using a pool bike is easy: it is simple to manage and requires little training. The support demand from users is therefore also small. Especially if the bikes use sharing technology and work via an app. This eliminates the need for physical key management, issuing and collecting and provides the manager with 24/7 insight into the state and, if desired, location of the bicycles. Read more →

6Takes up little parking space

Another great advantage of bicycles is that they take up little space. They are therefore also very suitable for companies and organisations with little (parking) space. A space the size of a car parking space can accommodate at least seven bicycles. And if there is a lack of space outside, they can also be stored inside if necessary.

7Perfect for short distances

For destinations close by, cycling offers perhaps the best travel option: good for your health, not damaging to the environment and no or low running costs and no hassle of finding a parking space. Are the average trips a little longer? Then the electric bike might be an option. With an e-bike, a distance of 10 km can be covered in no time.

8Ideal for destinations in busy cities

Not everyone enjoys driving a car in busy city centres. Also, traffic there is regularly congested, parking fees are very high or there is no parking available at all at the destination. Travelling by bike in a busy city can avoid a lot of annoyance, wasted time and high costs.

9Could potentially replace a pool car

Facilitating many mobility options is nice for staff, but too much is a waste of money. Perhaps pool cars are now used for distances that can be perfectly well covered by bicycle. By introducing, for instance, that only the pool bike may be booked for short trips, the organisation might be able to do with one car less. This will save costs and (parking) space.

10Contributes to less car traffic

Every time an employee chooses to take the bike instead of a car, it saves a car on the road. Leaving a fuel car behind means less CO2 emissions and air pollution. But fewer cars on the road also means less traffic congestion, which increases road safety and improves liveability in cities and neighbourhoods.

Technology for efficient and comfortable sharing

Like pool cars, pool bikes are best connected to a booking platform. This ensures that employees can see the availability of bikes in an app, and also book a bike via that app. That way, employees never have to miss out and unexpectedly run out of transport. More importantly, such a platform digitises key use and makes physical keys unnecessary. So the organisation does not have to organise key management, issuing and collecting, and the employee opens and closes the lock of the bicycle very easily via his or her phone.

Using pool bikes in this way, with technology, is all in all a lot more pleasant and efficient, than without. WeGo’s booking platform also allows employers to make their pool cars or other vehicles bookable via the app, in addition to bikes. Employees can then request the availability of all pool vehicles and reserve the means of transport that best suits the distance and location of their visit or appointment.

A suitable mobility solution for your organisation?

At WeGo, we see growing interest in corporate bikesharing. More and more companies and organisations are providing their staff with pool bikes equipped with sharing technology. Want to introduce bikesharing in your organisation too? Call or email us. We are happy to help you!

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