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With the changing dynamics of corporate mobility, more and more organisations are making a transition to corporate carsharing. This solution provides flexible and efficient mobility for all employees without extra administrative work.

Why WeGo?

WeGo hardware installatie

Reliable data and secure communication

In order to connect vehicles to the WeGo platform, telematics is used. A vehicle is equipped with an onboard-unit that provides data in relation to the location and the trips. The car/vehicle can be locked and unlocked by a smartphone app.

Trip recording
Vehicle data
(Un)locking system
Immobiliser functionality

Overview, insight and control over vehicles and users

All data in regards to users, vehicles, registrations and trips is administered in the cloud-based / online management tool. Prices can be defined for private vehicle use and invoices automatically
sent to users. Invoices for corporate use can be sent to internal cost centres. Furthermore the management tool delivers detailed reports in order to optimize fleet efficiency.

Invoicing per cost centres
Vehicle & user management
WeGo Backoffice
WeGo hardware installatie

Reserve and (un)lock vehicles per smartphone app

The smartphone app allows users to reserve a vehicle as well as lock and unlock the vehicle independently. Damages can be reported and photos uploaded easily in the app. After the booking, all trip data is sent and processed automatically.

Planning & reservation
Digital key
Register damages and maintenance
Driver's licence check

Notable Features

Vehicle and make independent

We don’t provide cars or bikes, but connect vehicles from an existing fleet to our platform – regardless of make or model. From single/individual vehicles to large fleets and both new and existing vehicles – you manage all vehicles in one clearly laid out platform.

Available in your own corporate identity

The platform can be customised with elements of your corporate identity, such as logo, colours and company language. This also applies to the layout of the management tool and the app, but also to the layout and content of the emails and invoices sent from the platform.

Ready to connect to your corporate systems

Via API links, the WeGo platform can be integrated with your ERP systems such as HR, finance, planning and authentication software. Connections to payment providers can also be realised.

Multilingual and internationally scalable

Our platform is used in several countries and is therefore ideally suited for international use. The app as well as the back office and system notifications are currently available in Dutch, English, German, French, Portuguese and Polish.

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