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WeGo Carsharing Solutions - Verbreedt jouw diensten met autodelen

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From ownership to usage, we help you achieve sustainable mobility

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Mobility is moving from ownership to usage! This trend is becoming more visible in the automotive sector every day. Sales of new vehicles are stagnating, although sales of electric vehicles are increasing. The number of cars in private lease is also growing.

These social trends are putting pressure on the results of the automotive sector. It is becoming increasingly difficult for leasing companies, car dealers and car importers to achieve good returns.

New business models for the automotive sector

We can help you achieve a smooth transition

The automotive sector will be forced to adopt new business models. Facilitating carsharing is a way to the future of the sector. Creating fleets of shared cars, having them managed efficiently, ensuring that the cars are clean and properly maintained, unburdening drivers, managing the rights of authorised users, promotion activities – these are all matters that local suppliers could take care of, given the short lines to their customers and local drivers. Local dealerships are very well positioned to help car manufacturers with the execution of this.

Carsharing system, the best hardware and software

We provide 24/7 support

In order to facilitate carsharing, the automotive sector needs a platform to enable the registration of vehicles and drivers. As soon as customers are registered, they can book cars through the app or the website. Their driving licences are automatically checked. WeGo has developed a sharing platform and a mobile app that perfectly match the needs of the automotive sector, as well as hardware to connect the vehicle to the platform. The WeGo platform allows leasing companies, rental companies, dealer groups and importers to enable 24/7 vehicle access to their customers. WeGo is ready to provide the necessary support outside of office hours in the evenings and on weekends.

Taking care of today’s and tomorrow’s customers

Invest in the future

The WeGo Carsharing platform provides the Automotive sector with shared vehicles for neighbourhood initiatives, for apartment owners’ associations, housing corporations and through real estate developers. It is also ideal for existing shared car fleets and for corporate clients, healthcare institutions and government bodies through lease, sale, rental or (shared) private lease.
This way WeGo helps to broaden the services of the automotive sector and respond to the changing market demand. In this new business model, the revenue comes from the use of the car, not transfer of ownership.