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About us - WeGo Carsharing Solutions

About us

WeGo creates effective and sustainable mobility through innovative carsharing. Our carsharing solutions make your vehicles accessible to your users, via the app, and provide insights into usage of the vehicles.

Through our proprietary technology and accessible service, we are able to increase the occupancy rate of your vehicles, offer a unique user experience and contribute to improving society.

By making carsharing successful we ensure that fewer vehicles remain stationary. Moreover, this allows for shared costs, flexible mobility and less parking pressure.


Mission and vision

WeGo effectively contributes to the shift from ownership to use in mobility. We aim for increased carsharing between different users. This way, fewer cars are needed and their use becomes more efficient. In addition, public space is freed up because fewer parking spaces are needed at ground level, and car mobility costs are reduced for companies and individuals.

WeGo contributes to the transition to electric driving. Carsharing makes electric cars – which at the moment are still expensive – accessible to everyone because of the pay-per-use model. And the cost per use is low for electric cars. In this way, WeGo helps to reduce mobility-related CO2 emissions. .

This mission of WeGo Carsharing Solutions can be fulfilled without restricting mobility. Individual mobility can even be improved. After all, you can choose the right vehicle for a specific activity, instead of being stuck with the car that you own. Choose an MPV with a trailer hitch for the summer, a four-wheel drive on snow tires for the winter holidays, a compact but comfortable car for business meetings, or a van for a weekend of DIY. For long distances and international journeys, you may prefer a gas-fueled car, but an electric car is ideal for shorter distances in the city.